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    Purge all data from database




      I searched around a bit online and through the manual, and cannot seem to find the answer to this. Basically we had virtualization manager running for a while, but carried out some extensive maintenance and upgrades, including deploying our vmware hosts to a new cluster. As such the data in virtualization manager is a little screwed up in places (we are running v6.1.0.10003).


      I am not too fussed about keeping the historic data, I would basically like to know if there is a way of dropping all of the existing data from virtualization manager, without reinstalling it fresh from scratch, so all tables would be blank, and would start to populate again from the next scheduled collection?



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          Hi jdgs,

          there's no simple way of achieving this, but I think the following steps should get you mostly there:

          1. Temporarily decrease the following variables in System Properties in Advanced Setup:

               Days to retain performance data hourly rollups (default: 90)

               Days to retain raw performance data(default: 14)

               months.to.keep.alerts (default: 12)

               months.to.keep.trends (default: 12)

          2. Wait for a day (not sure if you don't have to wait for the end of month to get rid of alert and trend data)

          3. Reset them to default


          There's also an interactive database cleanup script located in /var/hyper9/bin/db_cleanup.sh , so if you log in using SSH, you can remove sample and configuration data older than the specified amount of days as well as data which remains in the database after some entities were deleted or are no longer being monitored. The script will also offer to compact the database, but I would advise against doing this as it takes ages to complete and the database would fill up to the same size in about a month or so anyway.

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