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    Connecting SAN to NPM


      Good Morning,

                 So currently I have 3 ESXi that are holding 14 VM. The SAN is on a different subnet than my NPM sever. So being that my NPM sever is in the virtual environment I should be able to add another NIC to the host and connect it to same subnet as my SAN so NPM can poll it?


            I know I would have to create a routing table for to past over to the other subnet. Just wondering if this would work before attempting. Does anyone else have any ideas?


           The SAN is a EquaLogic PS6100 from Dell.



      Travis Jones

        • Re: Connecting SAN to NPM
          Leon Adato

          Are you saying that the SAN is unreachable from the virtual environment? Or that the management IP of the SAN equipment is unreachable from the virtual environment? or something else.


          The reality is that if your virtual machines can get to the SAN (I sure HOPE they can!) then NPM doesn't need anything more.


          But I might be missing something.