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    Client Email Format


      We note it is now possible to add a New Tech Note for Ticket #1XXXX and select "Client Email Format" to be "Note Only" rather than "Full Ticket Details" (see attached screenshot). This is a great feature as the communication back to the client looks so much nicer. However, you only seem to be able to select this email formatting option in one place on the ticketing system. It isn't available as an option when, for example, adding a Tech note in the main ticketing area, or when applying a Bulk Action.


      Is this something we can activate somehow?





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          What option do you turn on to make this visible and where can you see it?

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            Hi Fiona


            Looking at this again today, there is an option to disable/ enable the Send button I mentioned above if you go to Setup> Email> Options> Disable Single-Note E-Mail so if you don't see the Send button on the right on the Tech Notes then this may be switched off?


            Also there is an option below this, Default Tech Note EMail Type, and the Client Email Layout where you you can set up what is or isn't included in the emails that go out so even if the 'full' ticket emails are going out when you hit Save & Email you can limit what is included.


            AMYD is right that the + button to add a note straight from the My Ticket or Group Ticket screen is not there in IE which is a bit odd?