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    SRM IOPS and performance is unknown



      I had STM in my corporation

      with releasing SRM I installed SRM orion module and uninstalled STM

      our san is VNX 5200

      now performance, latency, throughput and IOPS is unknown

      in STM it was OK

      what should I do to resolve it

      Thanks in advance

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          Hi alireza1023,

          As your aware SRM is meant to be able to handle all VNX/VNX2/VNX Stand-alone Gateway.

          I saw similar discussion during SRM RC3 however nothing regarding resolution.

          [SRM 6.0 RC 3 not pulling VNX5400 Performance Data?]


          I suggest if you are connecting to the SMI-S ok with the pass/w fine, and tried this SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Running an ECOM Service Check for EMC SMI-S without any luck, then a support case maybe needed to assist getting to the root cause.


          dsbalcau (Balki 1429) the Product Manager maybe able to provide some further info regarding the case with the 5400 and/or a solution for your 5200...

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              I have this issue in SRM 6.0.5 Final

              our SAN is VNX 5200

              before that I had STM 5.7.3 on this server and it shows performance details and IOPS

              do I need install SRM profiler instead of SRM orion module?

              Orion, STM and SMI-S was installed on a server

              thanks in advance



              I tried TestSmiProvider.exe and it's results are OK

              VNX 5200 and 5400 are same generation. but 5400 is for larger solution


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                  So we raised a similar case recently for 5600's [Case # 75860 - Cannot collect data from VNX5600] however that was for STM not SRM.

                  After we got it running in STM again, we were able to run in SRM afterwards, so I don't think you need to reinst the SMI-S manually.

                  At present I haven't had to get into the guts of SRM so cannot confirm. However remember SRM uses MS-SQL so I'd be escalating/reaching out to support. 


                  For the STM to work again there was some folders deleted whilst the MariaDb was shutdown, which get rebuilt when it's brought back up.


                  Went along the lines of deleting the 'Data' folders from all the sub-folders residing in the below:

                  C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Storage Manager Server\agent\administrative\\data

                  C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Storage Manager Server\agent\systemic\\data


                  From support

                  "This was done as there were Kernel logs the following exception:

                  Error removing fragment:

                  com.virtualmachinery.btree.exceptions.BTreeInformationException: Record for deletion not found


                  This means that the files in the 'data' module cache were overwritten before the Collector could collect the data."


                  Hope you get a quick resolution with support - please give us an update on how you go with SRM for the VNX5xxx incase we need it in future


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                Have you noticed any storage system performance issues since enabling statistics logging?  See article.  https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-24564