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    Approved Patch view


      Is there view that shows just approved patch status?


      I am looking for a view that is similar too the

      Top 25 Most Vulnerable Machines


      but would show approved patches, If I click on individual nodes I can see the approved patch status but I would like to see a top 25 list of machines that still need approved patches not all patches.


      any help would be appreciated.

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          Its viewable in the MMC.  Orion is pretty close to useless for use with patch manager in my opinion.



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            If you have either of Orions NPM or APM/SAM products, you can use the Report Writer to create a SQL report that will show you all machines (or just the top 10 or whatever) that still need updates.  By default, if they are Windows patches, it will only show patches that are Approved.  If they are 3rd Party, then all 3rd Party patches that have been published to WSUS, will show as "Needed" or "Unknown" which messes up compliance big time.  In order for those 3rd Party updates to not affect compliance, you would need to Decline those 3rd Party updates.  If you would like the SQL that I use to show all machines that still need updates, let me know and I will post it.