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    How much RAM are your STMs ?

    gildas declercq

      Hi all.


      here is what I am monitoring

      SAN. IBM SVC with 114disks

      vmware. 23 hosts. about 700VMs (approx. 600 running)


      FC switches are not monitored so far as I have issues to solve with STM first.


      for that I have 4 servers

      STM  is 14G

      and as proxies

      STM2 is 6G

      STM3 is 3G

      STM4 is 2G

      .... it is a lot of RAM to my opinion

      so I was wondering if others are facing the same.


      Some more details:

      the collector as 3G, and uses it almost entirely.

      the server STM is not assign anything as an agent, and still takes 11G of RAM.


      thanks for your comments and feedbacks




      Gildas DECLERCQ