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    disappointment with npm 11.5 WEB-Only alerting managment


      ok - so the alerting management in previous versions left a lot of us wanting more, but come on - you guys moved us to a web-only base for alerting, and we LOST features?  Where is the ability to import/export specific alert triggers, or trigger/reset actions?  We have a complex template that took many days to configure that we use to generate alerts, and now, it appears I will have to manually add each action, and the content for each one. That's a lot of work.


      Please, if your going to remove the console application, make sure the web version offers the EXACT same features.

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          Apologies for the difficulty sir. Hopefully the new features and overall ease of use offset short-term procedural changes. When looking at creating the new alert engine, feature parity was certainly forefront in our minds. In terms of import / export for triggers, the Import controls should appear at the bottom of the trigger condition builder:



          For action import- that use case could be served by the new bulk-edit capability on the Action Manager grid:




          Essentially we would create create blank actions when going through the wizard and bulk-edit. This is a huge time-saver over previous action management. We can certainly look at an import for actions if it becomes onerous.