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    Percentage Utilisation on Wifi Interfaces


      Is there a way to measure % Wifi utilisation going through WAPs or to artifically set lower machine specific settings so that % utilisations can be seem in views in a list with the most maxed out at the top.

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          Which AP's have you got? I'm using the Cisco lightweight AP's and as they have no real smart, you can't do much monitoring on them. However when you look at the controller, you can get some stats on how many clients are attached to the AP's, history of the clients etc.


          But what you could do is monitoring the interface where the AP is plugged into. You could then lower the speed settings so that it will show as maxed out or what ever you're looking for. I do this as well so I have an overview of all the AP's in one place and can quickly see if one is doing lots of work.