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    Question about Network atlas.




      is that possible to add the interface traffic to the map ?? and use the coloring in solarwinds to indicate about interface traffic?

      another question: we are monitoring two routers using SNMP and they are connected trough cloud i need an indication to indicate me if the traffic between the two routes is 0% however they may be up and no traffic between the two routers??


      Thanks in advance


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          Network atlas can. Make sure that you import the nodes using discovery then use the ConnectNow feature in atlas. Here is a short guide on doing that the rest of the process.



          As for your second question are you refering to network atlas as well or do you want some kind of email notification?

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              Thanks donpep for your replay,


              about my first question I need the real time interface traffic to be shown on the map


              about the second question I need both Email notification and to be shown on the map


              Thanks ion advance.


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                  By doing what I said you will have the latest traffic amount for your interface that Solar Winds has polled. To get more accurate data decrease your polling interval. The maps dont support real time data from what i can tell. If you want to look at the real time data then you will need to bring up a guage on your engineers toolset, but it wont be represented on the map.


                  As for your second question. For an email notification just make an alert for those specific interfaces. I normally use a custom property to flag certain interfaces for certain alerts. Like identifying a WAN port or a secure port. Then the alert uses that flag as one of the conditions. Then create a second condition for total data rate being at 0. Just make sure at the top of the window you change the alert focus from node to interface.


                  As for on the map i dont believe that is support besides what is included in the link above.

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                I use this on my maps (someone else created it and posted this a while ago, can't remember who though). The stats update as the maps refresh.


                useing variables in labels.JPG


                I'm not sure what you are asking in your second question.