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    How to disable smtp server function



      I am probably missing something fundamental..


      I am running quite a few kiwi cattools instances, and for some reason on my 3.4 (Enterprise) version the smtp function is complaining it cannot find my smtp server.

      Which is not all that suprising as i don't want to use a mailserver.

      2015-02-24 06:25:22 Local0.Error Kiwi CatTools Service Mail error: Unable to connect to

      The message is explainable as there is no SMTP server listening on localhost.

      However i would like to disable any SMTP functionality, but i am unable, it just wont let me un-select [setup/email/Primairy SMTP server Setup.

      when i try to unselect the "Use this server" box it returns with an error "Please select an email server to use".

      So, how to disable smtp client functionality in cattools 3.4

      Thank you in advance,