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    new core (NPM) server on 2012 R2


      I need to build a new Core (NPM, SAM,IPAM, IVIM, NCM and VNQM) server using Windows 2012 R2, while the 2008 R2 server is still in production.  Are there a procedures or any problems that have been encountered doing this?

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          Here's how I did it, and I just went from server 2003 SP2 to server 2012 R2.  I ran the software and let it install, just don't run the wizard after the software installs.  When the time came to move over, I shut the services down on the old server and ran the wizard on the new and voila, I was back up and running.  I even separated everything this time, Poller/Application server, SQL server and now dedicated NTA flow server.  Went like clock work.

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              As phoneman7 mentions, do not run the configuration wizard with the install unless you plan to point it to a temporary database until you are ready to switch over.  Both environments will not work well in the same database.  Now, you can make a back up of the existing database, move it to another SQL server, or even restore it as a different database name and have the new install point there.  The issue you'll run into, other than duplicate polling, is that you will have to use Manage Nodes to assign all your nodes to what the software will see as the "new polling engine".  Once that is done you can go into the website under Settings > Poling Engines and delete the unused polling server.

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              as guys mentioned above, there should be no problem with two different version of widows you want to use. NTA has separate database for flows which I assume exists on separate server than your main production.

              I can also recommend to read topic about migration of SW product where you may find useful docs.: how to upgrade NPM and move to new server?

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