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    Regular Restarts Needed?


      Question for the group.  In a Windows environment, has anyone developed a best practice for re-starting services or re-booting the server on a periodic basis?  Do you need to re-start or re-boot at all (other than when applying patches, maintenance, etc.)  Would like some input on how to setup the best practice for keeping our WHD installation running at its best.  Thanks.

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          I have found that nightly restarts of the service helps with performance.  We only have a few techs, but WHD has never been a speedy application in my experience.


          We run the following scheduled task:

          c:\program files\webhelpdesk\whd.bat restart

          (restart is the argument to the batch file)


          Not sure what all WHD.bat does instead of just doing a net stop/start of the service, but this is what we do.

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