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    JMX Bridge Stops


      Hello All,


      My JMX Bridge service stops responding within 10 minutes of starting.


      I am running the following apps on a VMware VM running Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard:

      NPM     11.0.1

      NCM     7.3.2

      SAM     6.1.1

      Also have integration with NTA and VMM


      I have an application monitor that was created to monitor MBEANS, HEAPSIZE, etc for an application template that monitors some java parameters.  I created the monitor with the help of a consultant and it was working fine.  The monitor stopped working at some point between last November and the end of the year; I was not aware of the failure because no red "!' was displayed and I was off working on other issues; the status changed to 'unknown' with the 'gray' color.  Ok - so the comment in solarwinds mentions that the JMX Bridge Service is not responding.


      JMX Error 20150219.JPG


      The Solarwinds JMX Bridge service shows a status of 'Running' - I attempt to stop the service but times out (Error 1053).  The service status is then 'Stopping' but never stops.




      I have to manually end the jsl process via task manager. The Solarwinds JMX Bridge service starts again automatically and I successfully test the application template and the status goes green on my apps.


      JMX app monitor up.JPG

      This will work for less than 10 minutes - then will fail.

      I installed the SAM 6.1 to 6.1.1 update to see if that would 'jiggle the handle' and make the monitor work properly - no luck.

      Other than acknowledgment that the JMX Bridge service was stopped and started in the Windows System Event log - there are no other correlating events that I can find.


      Does anyone have a suggestion for troubleshooting the JMX Bridge?  I have been working with Solarwinds only since last October and do not really understand JAVA - so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Hi grdyj,


          try to check log file og JMX bridge, if there is any ERROR message, which explains the behavior.

          It should be placed here:


          Also try to check Application event log, if there is any error message about the service.



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              Thanks Tom - I apologize for not having responded until now.  I did not realize the JMX log files were located there.


              I had performed a dump and sent to SW.  They found there were a lot of authentication errors with JMX.  I looked and there were a number of systems that had been assigned to the JMX Bridge application that did not actually have Java installed.  I guess the errors were enough to cause the JMX Bridge service to just stop.