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    LLDP-Med report

    Kaj Lehtinen



      Read somewhere that NPM & UDT stores LLDP information internally in its SQL DB,


      1) is there a way to extract this information to show all the switches that has a LG-Ericsson device (VoIP - LLDP MED) attached to it?


      2) Can the above information automatically be fed to NCM to automatically tag the VOICE VLAN on those ports? This to speedup rollout of new PBX.


      I understand that item two is advanced, but perhaps the first item should be doable?



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          AFAICS LLDP-MED itself is not gathered automatically, only LLDP state.

          if you need LDDP-MED then you'll have to define a custom poller to pull that data and then use the custom poller tables.


          for LLDP the SWQL is something like:

          SELECT NodeID, LocalPortNumber, RemoteIfIndex, RemotePortId, RemotePortDescription, RemoteSystemName, RemoteIpAddress, DisplayName, Description

          FROM Orion.NodeLldpEntry

          where remotesystemname like 'AV%'

          [our (~5000) Avaya VOIP phones identify themselves as 'AV%' devices]

          if you want the nodes then something like:

          SELECT N1.NodeID, N1.Caption, N1.URI

          FROM Orion.Nodes N1

          where N1.Nodeid in (select NODEID from Orion.NodeLldpEntry L1

          where remotesystemname like 'AV%')


          [NOTE: this assumes your switches consume LLDP; I have some switches that do not, with the result some phones appear directly connected to the routers.]


          Sadly NCM doesn't support gathering LLDP information.

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            Kaj Lehtinen

            The report that I ended up with in the end was this


            SELECT n.sysname, LocalPortNumber, RemoteSystemName, RemotePortId as MAC, RemoteIpAddress, l.nodeid

            FROM NodeLldpEntries l, nodes N

            where RemoteSystemName like 'LG-E%' and l.nodeid = n.nodeid

            order by sysname, localportnumber


            Lists all LG-Ericsson IPECS VoIP phones, which switch and port they are on.