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    VM hosts losing asset information, taking it out of Virtualization center


      Hi All,


      I was wondering if someone could help me.  Recently, our vCenter server when belly up, and we were forced to migrate to a new vCenter server.  Our engineer took the opportunity to connect all 5 of our vCenter servers with SSO.  After a successful migration i began trying to re-add these hosts to the new vcenter.  When i go to Virtualization and look at the cluster, it shows the hosts as italicized, and it has orphaned all the existing "nodes" that had been entered from our prior vcenter.  I ended up losing all my historical data after "re-adding" them to the new vcenter, which irked me but that isn't even the worst of my problems.  Over the last week, at least once a day, one of my hosts suddenly starts alarming about memory, and when i look in Manage Nodes the vendor no longer shows VMware and suddenly it no longer knows that it is an ESX host.  If i look at the Node Details Machine Type is now "Unknown". When i go into Edit Properties, I notice that Poll for VMWare check box is selected  but it no longer says:

      "Polling for this ESX Host is handled by vCenter using existing credentials."

      I'm forced to readd the host, losing historical data once again.


      This is what i have tried:

      1. Rediscover the node - it ends up showing as vmware once again, but is not showing under any vcenter server in the Virtualization page.  I do not lose data.

      2. Poll Now - polls the node, but does not pull asset inventory again. Still shows as "not being monitored" in Virtualization.

      3. Re-Add the node - Lost all historical data, but its under the vcenter again, until it decides to happen again.


      Notes of environment:

      NPM version 11.0.1

      vSphere 5.5 Update 1