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    Solarwinds SAM 6.2 RC2 agent service stopping unexpectedly


      I've deployed the new SAM Agent service 6.2 RC2 to a few windows 2008 R2 SP1 servers which have Exchange 2010 SP3 RU3 installed.  I have one node that is giving me some trouble.  Every time the SolarWinds agent service starts, it stops a few seconds later.  The agent service was running normally for about 1 week without interruption but then began showing the behavior today.


      I have uninstalled the agent from the server and re-installed it.  I have deleted the node from SAM altogether.  The windows event logs don't give any indication of a problem, only a reference that the service stopped.  I have rebooted the server several times in-between the uninstalls/re-installs as well.


      I know the documentation is still being finalized but I'm wondering if there are any switches I can add to the solarwinds.agent.service.exe service that would log some debugging info or increase the logging level so I can see what is really happening.


      Has anybody experienced this type of issue?  Any help/advice is appreciated.