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    Can't logon to WinXP with Domain Account




      I'm using Dameware 7.5 and just installed 11.1 to test.


      I support a lab environment that has many different versions of Windows. I had to replace one of my Windows XP systems do to hardware failure. Now with new hardware and feash install of windows XP. I can not login to the new computer using Dameware with Domain Accounts. But I'm able to logon with local admin accounts. I can RDP in with domain accounts.I can logon local to the computer with the same domain account.


      I get "Error 1326 unknown user or bad password" when trying to logon with a domain account.


      I've checked simply file share is disabled. The firewall is off. This network does not have internet access.


      I can log into any other system fine its just the one. I would like to add in normal operation there is no keyboard, mouse, or monitor connected to these computers.