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    No lines for data points below a 10 minute sample interval?


      I've wondered about this for a while now and just never bothered asking.  But I am just bored or distracted enough this morning to want to know.  I have a "Min/Max/Average bits per second" chart for an interface on a checkpoint firewall.  We poll this particular interface every 60 seconds.  When I set the zoom range to show 1 minute of detail I get dots as data points and no lines.  When I set the zoom range to 5 minutes I get dots and data points and *some* lines(weird).  And finally when I set the zoom range to 10 minutes I finally get dots as data points and lines connecting all my data points.


      Why don't I get lines at every zoom range?  Pretty much all my charts are like this, anything below 10 minutes and you get partial or no lines connecting the data points, I'm ocd enough that it bugs me.