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    cisco network high cpu caused by solarwinds


      I recently noted that some of my routers cpus were hot and when I looked at them it was due to the snmp process.  The only traffic snmp related was from solarwinds.  We turned off a demo server we were running, but I'd like advice if there's something we should consider before trying again or walking away from solarwinds.  Netflow reports suggest snmp traffice to/from the demo pc was polling at about the same time the cpu would spike every 30 minutes.



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          It is likely to be related to Topology polling that is done every 30 minutes. You can change the topology frequency to be some thing less agressive - like once a day

          There are some useful suggestions in this thread


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            This has been an on again, off again issue with Cisco for many years. Just perform a simple Google search for "cisco high cpu snmp" and it comes back with a lot of information. I've not seen this issue in recent IOS versions as much, so maybe you have some devices with older code? Typically, the high CPU is caused when polling for the mib-bridge information or the routing table.


            As a big fan of Solarwinds Orion, my advice would be to upgrade your version of code on the device(s), and see if that helps. As this is an SNMP issue, it's not going to matter what tool you use to poll for information via SNMP, you are going to have the same issue.