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    NPM 10.7 UnManaged Node Events


      Good day fellow THWACKERS..


      Has anyone seen this before or is this a normal thing to occur in NPM?


      If your node goes up and down you get events and database entries for both these IDs


      If you unmanage a node while its in a down state/status/event, bring the node back online , then remanage the node in NPM, the node goes to

      an up state but in the database you never get a Event 5 "Node UP" you only get a Event 5001 " Alert Reset", so essentially that node down event

      never gets an up , which messes up our monthly reports


      this does this for any node/app monitor in NPM


      is this normal?

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          I believe this is really by design. When you unmanage a node, Orion NPM does not treat it or see it that it was a down state. This is also the reason when you generate an availability report to a node that was unamanage, the availability remains 100% (given the fact that the node never had any down issue).