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    Eliminate .tmp and ~$ with filter?


      Hi guys


      I am trying to create a File Audit filter to show when items are created, deleted, or saved in a folder. However, I would like it to ignore .tmp files and files that are created when the file is opened (e.g. contains ~$). I have set up the filter like this so far:


      FileDelete: Exists

      FileDelete.FileName /= (does not equal) *.tmp *~$  OR


      FileCreate: Exists

      FileCreate.FileName /= (does not equal) *.tmp *~$  OR       OR (overall)


      FileDataWrite: Exists

      FileDataWrite.FileName /= (does not equal) *.tmp *~$  OR


      This isn't working as both are still showing up. I think this is because the filter is only eliminating files that start with ~$ or .tmp. Is there a way to make it so the filter looks at the whole file name?