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    SWQL Query to show Group Member IP Address


      I tried to build custom query to show IP Address for each node in a group, however instead of only showing the members within the specific group, its showing all nodes.Can anyone help me on this?



      i just wanted to add another column showing the node IP Address, instead, this is what i manage to do with SWQL custom Query.


      SELECT Caption, IPAddress, Nodes.StatusDescription

      FROM Orion.Nodes

      ORDER BY Caption

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          Jan Pelousek

          Hi Jim. The behavior you see is correct. The resource gives you exactly what you written there. When you want to write the resource for specific page, you need to write it in relation to the page with WHERE filter, where the object specific macros will be used (e.g. for Node details like: SELECT IPAddress, Caption from Orion.Nodes where NodeID = ${NodeID}). Unfortunately the ContainerID macro doesn't work correctly for Group details page. Internally tracked as 220587.

          Theoretically if it worked fine (I hope in future), your resource would look like:

          SELECT n.Caption, n.DetailsUrl AS [_LinkFor_Caption], ('/NetPerfMon/images/Small-' + n.StatusLED) as [_IconFor_Caption], n.IPAddress, n.StatusDescription

          FROM Orion.Nodes n left join Orion.ContainerMemberSnapshots s on n.Uri=s.MemberUri where s.ContainerID=${ContainerID}

          ORDER BY n.Caption ASC

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