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    Alert not triggered

    remi f



      Last night at 00:24 a node gave the error "Hardware health monitoring on (server name) is undefined." but there wasn't any alert triggered.

      I have made an alert so that our technician will receive the alert in the morning. Can you please tel me if I have built the alert the correct way:

      "Execute program : powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass "C:\Alert_Scripts\SMS_Alert.ps1" "Helpdesk" 'Alert: ${NodeName} on ${IP_Address} is ${Status} (more than 10 minutes).'

      On Sunday from 07:00 to 22:00"


      I am asking this because I have built this alert for more nodes and every time a node is unreachable the alert works fine even at 07:01. It seems that there is something wrong with how I am defining this. Can somebody help me with this one or give me some advice how tho buildt this one so that I will get an alert?


      I was thinking of changing the trigger from Node status is equal to down to Node status is not equal to up.


      Thanks in advance!