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    3rd party app fails


      i keep getting the following error when ever I try to update a 3rd party package that i created..


      Update not applicable. Unable to find the Update by ID to perform the requested operation. The update may not be applicable for the selected computer Result Code: 0x80240003

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          I'm assuming you are seeing these messages on the windows update agent log?


          You may want to check how you have packaged your app. Have you seen the excellent resource below already?


          Deploying Custom Packages with Patch Manager

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            David Di Blasio

            There are a number of discrete events that must occur between the time a client first discovers an update and identifies it as "needed", and the time when that client can actually install it. Any one of these discrete events can be the subject of a breakdown in the process. The key is to trace through the process and identify where it's breaking down.


            1. The update must be approved for a WSUS Target Group of which the client computer is a member. This also implies that the client computer must be aware of it's actual and correct membership, There's an entire collection of subissues that can occur with respect to WSUS Target Group management and configuration that can complicate this.

                 a. If the Detection Frequency is set to 1 hour when using Server-Side Targeting

                 b. If the computer is reassigned group memberships using Server-Side Targeting and force-detected within an hour of the last detection. (In those two cases, the cookie does not get expired.)


            2. The update installation file must be successfully downloaded to the WSUS Server. This is, by far, the most common culprit in this sequence of events. The console reports the state of pending downloads, as well as the download status for individual updates. If the update file is not downloaded to the WSUS server, the update is not available to the client. Once the update installation file is available to the client, the previous log entry will show a non-zero value for "Found # updates..."


            3. The client system must be able to download the update installation file from the WSUS server.

            Once the update installation file is successfully downloaded, the update can be scheduled for installation according to the policy configuration.

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                David...thank you for replying.. i'm trying to install a 3rd party package, but everything i read is about MSI. i'm using an EXE. looks like i was able to get the rules to finally work, but now i get a... Install failed. Fatal error during installation HRESULT: 0x80070643... error... i'm using update management to push it to one workstation just to see if it works..


                right now i'm stuck!!

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                    Have you checked to see if the app did install properly? It may just be your Installed Rules for the package need to be tweaked to recognize that the app did install.For the custom 3rd party packages I've built I've had to use various Installed Rules to verify installation, depending on how the apps were written. Some you can just verify installation by checking for a reg key, some you need to check a reg key for a specific version value and others I've had to point to the program's executable file to verify the program version that I am installing has installed properly. Look at some of the other Patch Manager 3rd party packages to see how they are verifying successful installs via the Installed Rules. You may want to post your Installed Rules for your package here so others can look at it if you can't find anything wrong with it.


                    If you've checked and the package didn't install properly then you'll need to troubleshoot the install process, command line switches, etc. to determine why it isn't even installing properly.

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                      This other thread has some other things you can verify when getting the error message you are seeing.


                      3rd Party Updates failing as not applicable