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    Help needed with Ignite - suddenly stopped working




      When we access the site to see the performance overview we get an error (see attachment).

      My collegue restored the DB because of the error, cause he thought that was a solution, but that didn't helped.

      I must admit I don't know much about the installation (new to the company). Except I've heard that they sometimes had to do a shrink of the DB, because of the size.

      I've tried to telnet to the server:8123 and that works fine, but not to the port shown on the error page, but again I'm not sure if that has to work.


      Please help me where to troubleshoot


      It's installed on a SQL 2012 Express.



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          Port 1433 is the default SQL Server port. Is the port allowed via the firewall rules?


          Can you connect to the SQLEXPRESS instance directly on the server, or via SQL Server Management Studio from a workstation?
          Are there any error messages in the SQL log or the Windows Event log to indicate a problem?

          (SQL Error log default location is in Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.n\MSSQL\LOG\ERRORLOG and ERRORLOG.n )


          Have you checked that the SQL Server Browser service is running on that server?

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              The ignite and SQL are on the same server and the FW is disabled on the server, and the problem is also there, when I try to connect directly on the server.

              Actually the SQL Browser service was disabled and TCP/IP was disabled, and I don't believe anyone here has done that. But I have enabled both services, and after that I started to get the error I've attached in my first post.


              It is possible to connect to the "ignite_repository" db from SSMS, and there doesn't seems to be any error in the SQL log or in the event log from Windows.


              Yesterday afternoon we moved the DB to a new server (SQL std - which is the right place to store it) and I made a clean installation of Ignite. Now it's possible to access the website, but I have not created a new DB. When I try to connect to the old DB, by changing the repo.properties file to point to the new server. I get the invalid username/password again. It looks like it's using "Ignite" as default user, but I don't know where to change the password for it?



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                  The default ignite user would be created in SQL server when you installed ignite - but it may also be stored in the repository somewhere encrypted. 


                  The SQL user in the repository database might be orphaned from the ignite login on your new SQL install. You can update the login password via SSMS but first check for orphaned users (see Troubleshoot Orphaned Users (SQL Server) ) but if the password is stored in the repository, you may need to lodge support ticket.

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                    I agree with gcp that a support ticket is warranted at this time.

                    There may be a couple of things happening.  With the SQL Express, I've seen where you had to clear out the dynamic ports within the TCP/IP interface config and keep the static one to 1433.

                    Also, like gcp mentioned, there may be a mapping issue.

                    Once you log a support ticket, we can jump on a GTM and get things sorted out.