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    Missing Tools in Webbased Engineers Tool Set


      I just installed the Web based Engineer's Toolset (on Windows 2008 R20and it only shows 5 Tools?  It 's only showing Interface Monitor, CPU Monitor, Traceroute, memory Monitor. 


      What do I got to do to get the rest of them? I thought Engineers Toolset was like 50 Tools.

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          those 50+ tools are available as desktop Win32 apps. in the other installation package. Then, by running Toolset integration tray and allowing Toolset integration in the Orion server, you can also trigger desktop tools from the Orion web Console.

          Does this help?


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            Hi parapiral,


            Toolset v11 now comes in 2 different installers:


            -Solarwinds-DesktopToolset-v11.exe: This is the version you are used to with the 32-bit Tools, compilation of 60+ tools.


            -SolarWinds-ToolsetOnTheWeb-v11.exe This is the new version that installs as an Orion module. As such, if you wish to add it as an extra tab within your Orion installation, you need to install it on the system hosting your Orion web interface and it needs to be pointed to your Orion database. It can also be installed as a standalone installation just like the other Orion modules. To do so, simply install it on a separate system and point it to its own database. Only 5 tools are available.