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    Reassociating VMWare clients to Hosts


      Hi everyone,

      We recently had an unsolved problem where SAM (IVIM in particular) wasn't polling some of our VCenter servers properly. This problem was not able to be fixed in spite of a lot of work with the SW team. We tried many things including removing the VM environment and re-adding it but to no avail. Our solution was to try the latest RC upgrades for NPM, SAM, and WPM, and lucky for us it fixed the problem. We were then able to readd our entire ESX host list and get it up and running fine.


      My problem now is that all the VM nodes that were in NPM are no longer associated with their appropriate ESX hosts. They are grayed out in IVIM. If I click on a node to add it, a message says that the device is already in NPM (which I knew). I do not want to lose all my history and have to delete and add in some 1300 nodes. Does anyone know of a way to re-associate these VM nodes back to their original ESX hosts?


      Thanks for the help!