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    SQL Alert with condition



      We have created an alert based on Custom SQL. This alert check the nodes that do not have responded to SNMP or WMI query over 60 minutes.

      So the alert's trigger condition itself is:

      SELECT nodes.nodeis as netobjectid, Nodes.caption as name

      from  nodes

      where status = '1' and objectsubtype in ('SNMP', 'WMI') and lastsystemuptimepollutc < dateadd(mi,-60,getutcdate())


      This works fine, however we have recently faced an issue with SolarWinds server that has crashed. And all this has take more than 60 min. So that once available NPM has sent an email for each and every nodes because NPM was not able to poll the nodes since more than 60 minutes.


      How can we enhance this alert to add another condition like NPM.lastboot > dateadd(mi,-180,getutcdate()) ?