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    Any SolarWinds newbs out there who use multiple products?--We want to talk to you (and give you thwack points)

    Kellie Mecham

      Hi everyone,


      I'm Kellie with the SolarWinds  User Experience (UX) group.  Our job is to make our products easier to use, more useful and more efficient fro our users. We rely heavily on involvement from people like you to help us!

      You can help by taking us on tours of your environment and what you do ("show me how you us it" sessions) and by taking part in reviews of new features we have in development. Right now, we're looking for or two more people who meet all of the following criteria to participate in a feedback session on ways we might improve Network Sonar Discovery for cases where users might be installing two or more products at the same time. People who spend 1 hour with us Tuesday, February 17 only, will get 1000 thwack points--plus a great opportunity to impact products you use.


      If you

      • have some responsibility for monitoring performance and availability of your environment
      • use two or more SolarWinds Orion products (NPM, SAM, NCM, WPM, UDT, NTA, VNQM)
      • have used SolarWinds products for less than 6 months
      • have limited to no exposure to Network Sonar Discovery
      • have 1 hour to spend with us on Tuesday, Feb 17 in a 1 hour GoToMeeting online review of screens


      then send me an email at kellie.mecham@solarwinds.com and let's talk!


      Even if you don't have availability on that day, we're always interested in talking to noobs.  Send me an email and just let me know how it's going, any time!




      Kellie (meech)