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    Need Help With New SolarWinds Server Specs


      I know this question has been asked before, but i am looking for advice for my environment.  With all the features that NPM, SAM, etc are bringing, we feel it may be time to move it back to a physical server.


      Here are the modules we own and their license:


      Server A

      Current Virtual Specs

      4 CPU @ 3GHZ

      8GB Ram

      * CPU is the current  bottleneck

      • NCM: 200
      • SAM: 1500
      • NPM: 2000
      • IPAM:4000
      • VNQM: 1500
      • NTA:
      • SRM


      Server B

      Physical Server

      1 CPU x 4 cores @2.GHZ

      24GB Ram

      * CPU is the current bottleneck

      • Storage Manager: 150 Disks
      • Mobile Admin
      • EMC SMI Provider
      • Netflow Storage


      Server C (virtual Appliance)

      • Virtualization  Manager:


      I would like to consolidate both server A and B and have everything live on 1 physical box, and have a separate physical server for SQL.


      It seems CPU is currently the Bottleneck on both servers. Storage manager Storage collector likes both CPU and Memory.


      Thoughts on server requirements if i wanted to consolidate to 2 boxs? One for SW and One for SQL


      HP Will be the brand. DL380 G9