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    Ignite_Monitor DB - How to purge older data?


      Our Ignite_Monitor DB is almost 300GB. Our team has decided that we really do not have need for anything more than 6 months of data at the max. Is there a way to simply purge old data?

      I am currently changing EACH monitored DB settings from the default of "CLEAN_DAYS_OF_TREND" from 1825 (default, but most are set to 365) to 182. I am going to let it run over night and see how much space I gain from the 10 that I have done before I do the other 100.


      Any ideas as to how to actually do this? To me 300GB seems excessive for 100 DBs, but I could be wrong (yes, I know that is only 3gb per DB).


      Using Solarwinds DPA Version: 9.0.150



      Thanks in advance,