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    Synchronizing with Remote Server Error Message


      Hi folks,


      I'm attempting to synchronize with a remote FTP site against my network directory. The remote FTP directory automatically renames the file upon download. When I setup a schedule and executed it manually, I'm getting a "Download of "\\<local network share which I'm synchronizing with>" failed message. Why is it attempting to download from my network share?


      Below is the log from FTP Voyager. My question is, why is it attempting to "download" from my local directory?


      [05] Tue 10Feb15 11:36:32 - RETR <remote ftp folder>/QSBCUST.001
      [06] Tue 10Feb15 11:36:32 - 150 Opening data connection for <remote ftp folder>/QSBCUST.001.
      [06] Tue 10Feb15 11:36:33 - 450 File unavailable.
      [04] Tue 10Feb15 11:36:33 - Download of "\\<local network location>\QSBCUST.001" failed.
      [04] Tue 10Feb15 11:36:33 - Retrying failed transfer (attempt 2 out of 3)...
      [03] Tue 10Feb15 11:36:33 - SSL connection established. All transactions are now secure.
      [03] Tue 10Feb15 11:36:33 - Encryption cipher: 128 bit RC4; Version: TLSv1/SSLv3.
      [03] Tue 10Feb15 11:36:33 - Receiving: <remote ftp folder>/QSBCUST.001 -> \\<local network location>\QSBCUST.001
      [05] Tue 10Feb15 11:36:33 - PASV


      The synchronization seems to happen successfully, all new files are downloaded from the remote FTP to my local network directory, although the automatic rename on the remote server is no longer happening. I'm thinking this is no coincidence?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.




      Michael Murray