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    False positives through L2L VPN?

    Anthony Ussery

      Good morning,


      I'm getting a lot of false positives at a site after our network team moved it to an L2L VPN over the weekend.  It's specifically at that site and we had virtually zero trouble from them before, so I'm confident that's what it was.  Are there some common issues people experience along these lines, or does anyone have any experience with this?

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          False positives as in NPM detecting some failure to connect even though the site connectivity seemed to be fine?  If that's what you mean, I've seen that many times and have always solved it by investigating the gap between what is telling me the site is up and what NPM is seeing.  For example, rather than testing that the site is up from my computer, I would RDP to the poller and try to recreate the test it's doing to determine if the site is up.  In most cases I found both were right, and that the discrepancy was in different ways of testing the connectivity.