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    NPM behind many firewalls


      Hello everybody,

      I’m a student and i do my internship within a quite big society, my job is to move the old monitoring solution into a Solarwinds NPM.

      First of I’ve to open firewalls ports but I’m a bit stucked.

      We have many firewalls and it’s not my cup of tea, furthermore it’s my third day in the society

      NPM and SQL are on different servers but I don’t really know what ports I’ve to let go between those two and ports I’ve to let go through the network.

      I’ve found those ports on http://www.solarwinds.com/documentation/Orion/docs/SolarWindsPortRequirements.pdf

      But it lacks information for helping me.

      If I’m not clear, don’t hesitate to ask my more information

      Thank you for helping me and sorry for my bad English