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      Hello All, I have 2 questions regarding reports.


      I edited a web based report "Triggered Alerts - last 30 days"  to only show me "Yesterdays" alerts and emailed it to my self as pdf.

      When I get the pfd, it looks like a "print screen" of the report.  What I mean by that is that the pdf report shows what the solarwinds webpage would show; with all SW modules, who is logged in at time report ran, all links etc (Pic attached)

      1. How can I set this report to not include a "print screen" of the report?



      As you can see in this report, this one device "WLC1" had an AP which was flapping multiple times as listed here.

      2. How can set Solarwinds to simply give me the number of times that AP flapped yesterday, without listing each one?



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          1) Unfortunately you can't change the PDF report look. It's basically a screen dump. What you could do is, is to add "&DataFormat=Excel" (without the commas) to the end of your URL and press enter. It will then allow you to save the report as an excel spreadsheet.


          2) In the Select Field tab you'll see 'Field: Event Time sort: descending function *'. Change the * to COUNT and it will add up the amount of times a particular event occured on a particular device. This may give you what you are looking for?

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            Apart from what superfly99 suggested on using the COUNT aggregation function, you can hide the TABs etc by checking the 'printable version' option as shown below



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