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    Is it possible to add a custom X-Header to the e-mail header of an outgoing Advanced Alert Manager alert ation e-mail notification? We would like to add the custom header X-NTTA-Serial: <unique id of the alert generating the e-mail>.


      We have a need to add a special X-Header to our outgoing SMTP e-mails that are generated from a trigger firing an e-mail notification

      action within the Advanced Alert Manager rules. If I were using a SendMail script and Perl this would be easy, but I'm not sure whether

      this is doable using the "Send an E-Mail Page" alert action in it's current form. I don't particularly want ditch the out-of-box alert e-mail

      functionality for an external script, has anyone come across this requirement before or found a work around outside of running an external

      SendMail script to push your outgoing mails?


      It would be really nice if SolarWinds had a way to specify or edit e-mail headers for it's outgoing mail services.