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    Change server display name


      We tend to use DNS aliases for most of our sql servers here. Is there a way that I can change the display names of the servers in DPA to match the alias? I noted that if I put the alias in when adding the server to DPA, it converts it to the computer's actual name.


      This would be a big help for our developers, who are used to referring to the servers by their aliases.




        • Re: Change server display name

          This can be done.

          click on Options > Database Query Tool (support tab) and run the following SQL statements:


          -- grab the ID for the  instance and use in the UPDATE statement
          select * from cond

          -- Set the Display name to the alias
          update cond set
          name='<New Display Name>' where ID = <ID of instance to change>


          restart DPA ignite PI service to pick up the change.