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    Bulk reset of SNMP Community String across 100+ nodes .. 3 SWIS PShell scripts uploaded


      I recently had to do a bulk reset of SNMP community string across 100+ nodes of various flavors of HPUX/Solaris/AIX/Linux and ESX hardware.


      To avoid any unnecessary alerting during this time and to ensure that I didn't have to manually reset the SNMP community string on 100+ nodes I used the SWIS API from Powershell.


      Three scripts to :


      1. Unmanage all nodes .. so I could go out to all systems and make the change on snmpd and restart it
      2. Reset to the new community string inside Solarwinds
      3. Remanage all the nodes after the change is complete


      This worked out rather well for me .. the scripts ran rather quickly and hopefully someone else facing this daunting task of resetting the community string across many systems might find these scripts useful.