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    Task with multiple elements never shows as 'complete', incorrect next run date.


      I'm running into a couple of issues while trying to create a task to stagger the creation of 2 tickets on a monthly basis.  I'm trying to create a task that will do the following:

      1. On the 2nd Monday of every month open a ticket.
      2. As soon as that ticket is closed the task should open up a follow up ticket.


      I have the first element set to "generate next element when status equals closed".  However, if I use that option to stagger when the next ticket is created the task will never show as being complete in the task history tab.  If I leave the first task element to the default "On Creation", both tickets are opened and the task shows as being complete. 


      Before running the task for my own testing, the next scheduled date correctly shows this next Monday, 2/9/15.  However, as soon as I run the task the next scheduled date changes to next month (3/9/15), but shouldn't it still be scheduled for this next Monday?  Maybe this is how it is supposed to work, but it just seems weird that testing the task skips over to next month.  I suspect that the 'generate next element' settings are causing the task to indefinitely stay 'in progress', which perhaps is also causing it to skip to next month after running the task.


      Here's a screen of the task settings, notice the next scheduled date is showing next month, instead of next Monday.

      2nd Monday 01.JPG


      Here's the task elements:

      2nd Monday 02.JPG


      Number 12 shows complete because both tickets were set to create 'on creation', but number 13 was run with the above element settings which is the desired effect.  As you can see both tickets are closed, so why is it still showing as being 'In Progress'?

      2nd Monday 03.JPG


      I'm running WHD 12.1.0 and will be upgrading to 12.2.0 soon, but I didn't see this as being a fix in the release notes.