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    SDK Installation and the global assembly cache


      After running the OrionSDK.msi Visual Studio does not recognize the reference to either the VBClient SolarWinds InformationService or the CSClient.SWIS in their respective languages.  Checking the GAC, it does not appear any assemblies were added.  Checking the install path C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion SDK, for the examples and documentation, the only libraries appear in the SWQL Studio directory.


      Can anyone confirm that some or all of these .dlls need to be referenced, or have assemblies been placed in the (windows) System32 path?



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          The install doesn't place any assemblies in the GAC or System32 directories. Everything is installed under C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion SDK.


          Could you clarify what you are expecting to see in Visual Studio? The VBClient and CSClient projects are just sample code - you have to build them.

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              Thanks for the replay.  I had assumed, as with other SDK's I have used that where were specific (in this case SWIS) assemblies for the API calls prebuilt for each language, but if I understand you correctly the examples are the unbuilt assemblies.  I might have found that out if I could have opened the examples (C# or VB), but I have VS 2010 and when I attempted to open them I got an error stating the Projects were incompatible and VS could not open them.  From that error I assumed the examples (SDK 1.10) were created with 2013.


              I found the VB Import and C# Using statements I referenced by opening the Program.cs and Module.vb in notepad.  Assuming the .msi placed the assemblies in the GAC, I attempted to create a new VB and C# program in VS 2010 assuming the namespaces would be referenceable,  What do you suggest if I am limited to VS 2010?



              Looking through the files in notepad it looks as though the SWIS API is handled completely through a WCF service reference.  Sorry for any confusion or time spent.


              Do you know if anyone has written a library wrapper around the service reference?