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    question about experience


      Has anybody experience with FoE installation and usage?

      I mean - what is really necessary to install NPM (SLX), NTA (SLX) and NCM (1000) and FoE P3. I have no experience with it at all so I do not feel where to instal FoE P3 and how clusterize SQL servers and FSDB servers.



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          The Failover Engine installation will essentially create a clone of your Orion instance that can be restored on the secondary server. This alleviates the need to install the product(s) again on the secondary server. The installer guides you through the process, as well as performs a prerequisite check of both servers participating within the cluster.

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              The concept is 2 distinct monitoring centers with 3 servers in each:

              • Orion server with NPM, NTA, NCM, IPAM and Engineer's Toolset,
              • SQL server
              • FSDB server

              I understand that FoE allow to use one set of licenses.

              But I still have few questions:

              • what FoE license I need - If one FoE P3 is OK?
              • how SQL clustering works with 2 servers connected by WAN (broadband)?
              • how FSDB clustering works with 2 servers connected by WAN?
              • Maybe SQL cluster and FSDB cluster may work at 3rd location but connected on LAN within clusters?