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    Creating Custom Poller Reports




      I have several interface utilization reports running at regular intervals that I set up through the web-based reporting tool and they work great, and we're all happy - I just "Add Content" and select the interface, manipulate the chart to cover the period I'm interested in and schedule it with the report scheduler.


      I can't figure out how to accomplish the same task with the custom pollers I have configured for my UPS's. I can't seem to find a relevant existing report, so I choose "Reports>Custom Chart", then I try to add "Specific Objects" to the layout - selecting "Custom Node Pollers" from the dropdown.  When I'm done selecting them and click "Add to Layout", I get presented with a X/Y axis dialog and I'm very confused about this because the custom node poller I've selected already has an X and Y axis (Time-range(X) and Input Voltage(Y)) so I'm at a loss for what to put here, or why I would have to put anything.  Even when I try to select objects for an axis, there is nothing to load.  I can search on "Time", "TimeDate", "DateTime", "Date", "Voltage", "InputVoltage", but none of these searches ever completes.  The "Loading" dialog just spins forever or until I close the window.


      Anyone have any insight on what I'm doing wrong or what I need to change?