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    DameWare: Menus/windows suppressed and unable to restore from taskbar in remote connection to PC


      Our Agency is using Dameware MRC Development v 7.5.5 to support our clinical Staff with general troubleshooting. Our clinical staff use an EHR System (Cerner-Anasazi), which is accessed through a thin client application called 2X Client (verison 11) which is tied to two load balancing servers running 2X-Server. The EHR and 2X-Server live on Windows Server 2008 R2 and all end-users (including IT support staff) use Windows 7.


      When we remote into a user's PC while they are in an active session in the EHR, it will suppress their windows at the task bar, and we are unable to restore the window, specific only to EHR view window; other applications like MS Word or Outlook remain normal during a remote session of DameWare MRC. The problem we're having is intermittent and only on a handful of PC's which makes it hard to determine the common denominator to the issue.Reading the specs on our version, it dates back to 2011, which is old to some, but can anyone confirm they've had this issue interacting with thin client solutions and did newer versions of DameWare MRC resolve these issues?