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    Upgrade SAM RC2


      Upgraded from RC to RC2 everything seemed to go fine, I am however having issues with some alerts not being cleared.


      When a node reboots the alert is staying in my active alert window. Is there a specific reset action I need to perform in order for the alert to be "closed"? Currently I am just using the canned alert


      Alert Definition Details  

      Alert me when a node reboots  


      This alert will write to the NetPerfMon event log when the date and time a machine last booted changes. 

      Type of Property to monitor


      Evaluation Frequency of alert:
      Every minute  

      Alert Custom Properties: (0)
      No Alert Custom Properties defined

      Scope of this Alert:
      All objects in my environment 

      Trigger Condition:
      Last Boot has changed  ( must happened more than 0 times )
         Reset Condition:
      Reset after timeout: 1 minutes 24 seconds

      Time of Day schedule:
      Alert is always enabled

      Trigger Action:
      Escalation Level 1 
      1. NetPerfMon Event Log : Node ${NodeName} has rebooted at ${LastBoot}.  

      Reset Action:
      No reset action specified