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    Certain HTTP web pages do not refresh in ether IE 11 or FireFox.  (NPM 10.7)


      Im working on getting several local and state level web pages (specifically the NWS and a Local weather site) to run on a Loop for my NOC.
      This way they can monitor storms as well as potential lightning and high wind situation.


      I am able to get some sites such as "www.foxnews.com" or "www.cnn.com"  to update on an hourly basis or when ever they change/update their web page.

      But have not been successfull in getting any weather loop site or even the NWS local forcast page for my city to update.
      I found that one problem was the setting for the account I have set up for the NOC which I have them using user account  "TVshow1".
      I had to go into that account and set the "Disable Session Timeout" to yes, so that the account would not automatically logoff after
      inactivity.  This fixed the problem of getting a "Session Timed Out" after going back to the page and hitting "F5" to try to force it to refresh
      the page.

      However:  As stated some sites won't refresh after a certain time.. I have not been able to narrow it down to a specific time limit..
      But I am able to reproduce it.   And yet some sites such as the Fox site and CNN do renew.  Support said that it was specific to the web sites.

      I found some Twack comments about you must write a java script to force some sites to renew.  Does anyone have an example I can use?


      Also Support suggested loading a free plugin for Firefox that will fix the problem.   Has anyone tried this plug in?

      This is one of the URLs that I am using. 
      I am using this in the "edit Resource: under "Custom HTML Miscellaneous" resource.



      <iframe src="http://radar.weather.gov/radar_lite.php?rid=lvx&product=NCR&loop=yes" width="1200" height="1200">




      Here is the Firefox plugin that Solarwinds support suggested  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/reloadevery


      But this doesn't fix my problem for IE 11. 


      What about the new feature in SolarWinds for the live Weather on the "World Map"?  Has anyone tried it..   Will it give me local weather specific to my City?