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    IPAM: How to clear old Scan Jobs. How to know if scans are running or encounter errors?


      I wanted to run this by here before trying to call support just in case it's something obvious.  I feel as if some parts of IPAM are not working (or maybe just a few DHCP/DNS servers and not all)....


      We are on IPAM 4.1 and ran into issues where servers were assigned static IP addresses (for a long time), but IPAM shows them as available.  We also have some DNS servers that we've set to scan...but they won't scan (testing the account shows we have zones and the account works...but then nothing seems to happen when we hit "scan")...in short: IPAM is behaving as if it's not working properly.


      - When I go to "IPAM Settings" -> "View Scan Job Status" I see 15 pages of scans in a "queued" state.  (some are set to "next scan ASAP")...some have "Last Discovery" time as today/yesterday, but hundreds of them are set to last year.

      - In IPAM "Manage SUbnets and IP Addresses", if I pick a folder (like "Discovered Subnets") a majority of my subnets on the right pane have "Last Discovery" as some time last year.


      - I believe everything is set to scan every 4 hours.  I didn't set this system up though (inherited it) so I'm not sure if someone made some low level config change (like manually turning everyhting off at a low level) or turned off a master flag somewhere.

      - There are event entries under the "IPAM Summary" that indicate (some...all?) things are working ("xyz fields changed for DHCP client name zzz, etc. Status set to reserved")



      - Is there a way to clear all the "old" scan jobs?  The only button I have next to each is "edit"...Are these actually queued (as mentioned above) or just junk or something has hung causing things to just queue up?  Some way to force a "full scan on everything"?

      - Is there a way to tell if the scans are working properly or at all?  Any logs or places to go to tell if something is even attmepting to do any work?  I've searched for logs in several IPAM folders on the filesystem and all I see are empty logs.  I've run queries against the IPAM areas of the orion/NPM database and I got nothing useful.


      If there is a way to "clear" out the job queues, then hit "scan" on something and go to a log/localtion/something and see "scan starting for xyz", and then see "scan completed for xyz"...etc...errors/success that would be enough.


      Thanks in advance!