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    Unknown Interfaces


      This concerns the appearance of interfaces flagged as "unknown" when looking at the device home page or when browsing through the "Managing Nodes" component on the web console.


      FYI - we are running version 10.7 of the Solarwinds Orion Network Performance Monitor along with version 7.2.2 of Network Configuration Manager and version 4.0.3 of Network Traffic Analyzer. We also have running a trial version of Web Performance Monitor, version 2.0.1.


      As far as I know from reading of Thwack and Solarwinds.co these interfaces are marked "unknown" by NPM because the application cannot discern what the parent of the object (interface) is.


      What I have observed is that this seems to happen when a device (router, switch, etc.,) is upgraded or replaced while retaining the same IP address and/or hostname. Probably not only at that time, but almost certainly one will see "unknown" interfaces when that does happen. What I have been doing is completely deleting and then recreating the device instance in NPM and that seems to result in a correct depiction of the device in the home page and no comment in the associated field when browsing through "Managing Nodes."


      What I would like to know is whether there is another way to approach this issue and make the appearance of these "unknown" interface a thing of the past?


      Part of the reason for this is that I would like to retain the statistical history of the node regardless of the upgrade (i.e., card addition or change) or even if the device is entirely replaced (i.e., replacing a 2800 series router with a 2900 series or other newer model.)


      Also, has anyone heard of if and when a tool (as I have heard requested on this forum) that will cull such instances of "unknown" interfaces and flag them will appear?


      (Hopefully the tool/process will also repair the device resource list so as to correctly portray the new/upgraded device?)


      The reason for all this is simple - statistical history is important in this day and age of compliance and heightened security - and 'throwing away' (not quite true) that history by deleting and re-creating a node to rid the program of the bogeyman unknown interface is inconvenient.


      Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions and information.