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    can i put orion and the SQL on the same UCS server


      Hey all,


      Brand spankin new Orion Admin here.  I have read the docs on the admin guide and the best practices.  But before I deployed this beast I wanted to verify my architecture.  I know the guide says something like "due to high I/o requirements orion and SQL shouldn't be on the same server".  My question is, what if my bare metal servers are fairly equipped rock star UCS C3 servers?  I have 2 of them so I can definitely put Orion on one ESXi host and the SQL server on the other.  But I was thinking since I've got so much memory and CPU available on a single ESXi, wouldn't it be best to keep them on the same machine so all the traffic isn't traversing through the physical network?  I'm monitoring about 2,000 devices with some very simple monitor (ping and/or snmp uptime, name, location).  I'm a Cisco Route/Switch and VoiP guys - so I'm a little out of my comfort zone.  I just want to make sure that I don't step in it right out of the gate!  Feel free to tell me I'm a bone head and/or point me toward other threads.


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      PS- Looking forward to joining the community - seems like a great support place!