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    Parts ?


      We are beginning to look at the Parts TAB to keep track of 'supplies' in our school district. The first 'supply' we want to manage with Parts are projector lamps. So I have added all the projector lamps into Parts, added our initial inventory. Then the problems began.


      At the Administration Building, we keep the stock of projector lamps. So I added what we have her as the initial Inventory in Parts.


      BUT, we typically keep in stock 1 lamp for each projector model on our largest schools. So I added those schools so they could have their own inventory. Now when they use one of their lamps from inventory, they remove the part within the Ticket (that's great), but they get replenished from the AD Bldg. I see no way of removing one lamp from our inventory and adding it to theirs. Actually, there is no one of removing an item from inventory without assigning it to an asset. So what happens if one of the lamps is defective? There is no way of removing it from inventory? I see this as a bug. We can "Zero" out inventory, but that removes ALL items. I suppose we could Zero out inventory and then add back what remains, but then that makes the inventory inaccurate (when the items were originally purchased and added, etc).


      There is also no way of assigning a projector lamp (in Parts) to multiple projectors. We have projector lamps that will fit in 5 different model projector, but we can only assign it within Parts to 1 model. This is a limitation that I hope will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime, we are using Description to add the other models. Just can search on it… bummer.

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          Actually, you can remove an item from inventory without use of the ticket.  Under the Parts, click the inventory tab.  This is where you can put a number in the "Add Count" column to add to inventory.  Simply do a negative sign to remove that many from the part's inventory.

          Help Desk - Add Inventory.png


          Then if you view the part itself, the item count will have decreased.  The Inventory History will show when it was zeroed and by whom.


          Help Desk - Part No. 3C.png

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              Ahhh… negative. Should have thought of that. Awesome. Very helpful. Thank

              you for the quick response.


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