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    SAM 6 RC2


      so a few questions :


      So I have a ticket open for an issue - when checking realtime event viewer , process explore and services - on some nodes and I think I have it down to devices only happing on the secondary poller - going to do some more testing today by moving some around.


      Some alerts that i have sent up with percentage values are now showing strings of numbers for example and these all worked before the upgrade - ( i have not upgraded WPM as of yet to the RC )


      Examples: 1


      Device Name: Sever 1

      Device Status: Up

      IP Address:

      Alert Time :Friday, January 30, 2015 6:22 PM


      Department: Enterprise Services

      Memory Used: 1.93246E+09

      Total Memory: 2.146828E+09

      Example: 2

      Node Name; YSECURITY

      Volume Description: C:\ Label: Serial Number e0cdacff

      Volumel: 657

      Space Available: 1528479744

      Sapce Used: 14568357888

      Volume Size: 16096837632

      I also noticed and maybe thats the way it supposed to be in the app stack environment view ( which I love ) when I look at a node I see in the appstack  2 hosts and 2 data stores and multiple volumes- now these all might be right so thats why I am asking as i get used to the new updates.

      I would of thought I would just see the host that the guest is on and the datastore the guest is on and the volumes for the guest - they seem to be all the volumes on the  both hosts ...

      Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 10.05.41 AM.png


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          The issue with the Real-Time Process Explorer, Windows Event Log Viewer, and Service Control Manager not working on nodes managed by Additional Pollers is a known issue that will likely be addressed in RC2. Alerts not reporting percentages properly is an issue that I'm not familiar with. You may have found a bug in the new Web Based Alert Manager. Please open a case with support so we can track this issue properly and post your case number here so we expedite it.


          The AppStack screenshot obscures too much data to understand what is in context. It looks like the screenshot is from the AppStack Environment resource that's on the Details page of one of those objects, but it's not clear which without seeing more of the page. You may want to open a case with support to troubleshoot this further, or provide additional clarity of what it is this screenshot represents, what you think you should see, and what you believe should not be appearing. If this is from the details view of a Node/Host, then this might not be correct. If you're on the details view of the Cluster, or vCenter then it may be accurate.

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            I have the same issue as example 2. I have a ticket in for it as well. These are in emails from alert manager:


            Volume D:\ Label:DATA AA3E43C5:
            Total size 1.7 T
            Free space 57.7 G
            Percent used 97 %

            Volume D:\ Label:DATA AA3E43C5:
            Total size 1885336498176
            Free space 61391581184
            Percent used 96.74373

            Code being used:
            Volume ${FullName}:
            Total size ${VolumeSize}
            Free space ${VolumeSpaceAvailable}
            Percent used ${VolumePercentUsed}